Sunday, June 14, 2009

Operation Baby Bird

Today when Michael was leaving the radio station, he found a little baby bird on the sidewalk. He looked for the mama, but didn't see or hear her. The poor little thing was squawking for his mother and trying to fly. He doesn't appear to be hurt, just not quite ready to fly yet. So, Michael having a soft heart for any animal, finds a box and brings him home. Georgia and Jack were very interested in the bird. He helped them find an old bird nest in one of the trees in the yard to put in the box. We got on the internet and researched what to do.

While we were on the computer, Michael noticed a bird outside on the fence. The baby was still chirping in the box, and this bird was coming to his rescue. It was the sweetest thing seeing this bird tend to the baby. Well, we decided we needed to feed him and give him some water. As suggested by the sites we found, we found him several slugs and fed him with tweezers. Then we gave him water to drink from an eyedropper. We'll keep you posted on his progress. He is almost ready to fly, so hopefully in a few days he'll be on his way!

The bird who came to his rescue

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