Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a Little Blankie

I know I have blogged about this blanket before, but I wanted to share these pictures. Mamaw made this blanket for me before I was born in 1974. It then got passed along to Tori three years later. When I had Georgia Anne in 2004, Mom gave it to me. Georgia loved it and slept with it until she was about two. Along came Jack three years later, and he has gotten A LOT of use out of it. He is very attached to it. It had made it through 30 years, and only had one small hole. Jack has managed to fray all the edges and made several new holes. I took a picture of Daniel with it, but Jack got very upset and quickly took it back. This little blankie has seen many years of love!!

Leigh Anne - 1974

Tori - 1977

Georgia Anne - 2004

Jack - 2007

Daniel - 2009

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Bryan said...

I hate you!! you know who I look like in that Pic!!!!! Tori