Friday, June 5, 2009

Daniel at Three Months

Our little Daniel is 3 months old! I just can't believe it has been three months. Daniel is a very sweet, laid-back baby. I picture him being very reserved and quiet (but I may be wrong...) when he gets older. He loves smiling at me, but holds back on most other people. He quietly takes everything in and will occasionally smile at others. My Mom calls him "hawk eye" because he notices everything and is always looking at his surroundings. He coos some, but not nearly as much as Georgia and Jack did. He is the most "talkative" after he eats, which he is still doing very well!! We laugh because he isn't going to miss a meal. Michael is convinced he is ready for baby food, but we are going to hold back on that for now. Right now we are going through a large box of rice cereal a week. We've tried not mixing it in his formula, and every time we do, he basically throws up everything he ate. It is so weird to me that just adding that cereal to his formula can make such a difference.

He continues to grow like a weed. He weighs 14 lbs. 1 oz. and is 25" long. I've packed up all his newborn and 3 month clothes, since he can't wear them anymore. We are also going to have to move up to size 2 diapers as soon as we finish the pack opened. We can barely get the size 1 diapers fastened.

We are convinced he is going to have red hair. When he was born it looked orange, then it lightened up and was a strawberry blond. Now it looks really red. He basically has a strip of thick hair around the back of his head and hardly any on the top. When he wakes up in the mornings he has bed head that looks like Bozo the Clown. It is red and curls upward just like Bozo. I'll try to remember to take a picture of this so you can see how funny it is. He is also a thumb-sucker. He still likes his pacifier, but when it falls out, he whips out the thumb and is usually content with it. Georgia and Jack never sucked their thumbs, so this is different for us. We were so use to frantically scrambling for the pappy when it fell out that we just don't know how to act about our little thumb-sucker.

I needed a set of scales to weigh Daniel for his monthly pictures. My Mamaw bought these when my Mom was born. I had to take a picture of Daniel on them!!


Lori Mercer said...

Love it! Look at those curled up toes - he is doing it in all the monthly pics! ;)

Last week was the first month I had not taken Owen's monthly picture and I was kinda sad. I thought many times that oh I'm just going to do it and then I kept stopping. It had become such a fight that I finally just gave up. So sad my boy is growing so fast!

Leah said...

Precious!!! Laura Katherine sucks her thumb and when she started doing it I was mortified!!! I never even considered having a thumb sucker. One good thing about it is that you never have to wake up in the middle of the night to look for the thumb. They are very good at locating it!!

andreabrosto said...

I love the scale picture!! I can't believe Daniel is going to have red hair too! We're going to have two little handsome red heads!