Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting Ready for Baby Butler

We've got about 6 weeks until our new little boy is due...if I make it that long! Everyone (including the kid's pediatrician) does not think I'll make it. We'll see. For the baby's health, please pray I do.
I wanted to share two things I found on Etsy for Georgia Anne and Jack. I wanted to get them Big Sister/Brother shirts that were not the standard ones you always see. I found the cutest ones at Olive and Ollie!! You need to check out her things...she's got really cute birthday shirts too.
I also found a sweet Big Sis bracelet at Jewelry & Baby Bling by Dara that I plan to give Georgia at the hospital the day the baby is born. Dara is making one for Georgia like the one pictured, except she is going to put her name on it as well.
I'm still looking for a little something to give Jack at the hospital. If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along. You know I always love things that are handmade...they are so much more special!!

And after much deliberation and pondering over names, I think we have finally settled on a name for Baby Butler....

Daniel Dawson Butler

We both wanted a name that was meaningful. Daniel is kind of a funny story. Michael's dad was suppose to be named Steven Daniel Butler. For some reason, on his birth certificate he was named Steve Butler. Not Steven, but Steve and the Daniel was totally omitted. So the Daniel is for the long lost name Steve never got. I also love the story of Daniel. Daniel stayed true to God and through his faithfulness God rewarded him. Isn't that every parents prayer? That their children will learn to know Jesus and accept Him as their personal Savior and that they will always remain faithful?

Dawson was my mother's maiden name. This name has a very special place in my heart because my mom's dad, James Hoyt Dawson, died when she was only 8 years old. His naval helicopter crashed in the Atlantic Ocean near Virginia. My heart has often ached for my Mamaw and Mom's loss. I can't even imagine. So, I am honored to have our baby named after the grandfather I never knew.

We're not sure what we will call the baby....Daniel or Dan. I guess we'll wait and see what fits him.


Robin Taylor Holley said...

I love it!!!! The shirts and the name!! I love the story behind those very special names.

Kami Butler and Joey Scarborough said...

Those gifts are so nice! I know Georgia Anne will love them! I love the name - it is beautiful - and the meaning is so special. I never knew that about your grandfather. Let us know if we can babysit while y'all are at the hospital!