Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Funny Little Children

We are in the process of getting the house ready for the new baby. We started putting up the new baby bed Sunday. We didn't have the screws to put the bottom in, so there it sits. Yesterday morning, I walk in and find my two little ones inside the baby bed like little caged animals. Georgia tells me they are poor little kittens who have been locked up. After meowing at me for a minute or so, she says, "Well, aren't you going to feed us? Us kittens like fish."

After rolling around on the sofas, they had some major static electricity in their hair!!

The kids were in Georgia's bedroom this morning being very quiet. I went in to see what they were up to and this is what I found. Jack had put Georgia's chairs from her table in front of the TV side by side. There they sat watching Dragon Tales. I thought it was sweet.