Friday, November 14, 2008

Teething Relief

Little Jack has had the worst time teething. His four eye teeth are slowly coming in and the past few weeks have been rough for him. He definetly has had a hard time with all of his teeth, unlike his sister, who I would find a new tooth with no apparent signs of teething. His gums have been so swollen and red and last night he was having an especially hard time. As I was putting the teething gel on his gums, I finally felt that one had broke through. Yeah!! (I get so frustrated living in Tallassee, home of the world's smallest teething tablets for TWO weeks) In a fit of crying and gnawing on his hand, Michael had a great idea to froth the boy some milk. Yes, I said froth him some milk. Michael has a fancy cappuccino machine and is always making coffee drinks, which both of the kids love. So Michael frothed some milk and vanilla syrup for the pitiful little creature. As suspected, his crying stopped as soon as he saw his treat. I got tickled at his little "Hitler" looking white mustache. We would take a picture of him, then show him the picture of himself on the camera and he would just chuckle and laugh. No teething tablets, no problem....Jack prefers frothed milk!!

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Leah said...

Girl, we would not make it in this house without the teething tabs!!! Teething at our house was serious business. We have fought for every tooth we have!1