Sunday, November 2, 2008

Isabella Marie

As promised in an earlier post, I have some very exciting news to share about my aunt and uncle, Russ and Tree. They have been on several adoption lists for the past few years, and they received a phone call last Wednesday, the day we went to visit them, that they had a one week old baby girl!! The Lord answered a prayer and I am proud to introduce
Isabella Marie
October 20, 2008
I would like to ask each one reading this to keep them in your prayers. In the state of Alabama, adoptive parents have 15 days to "change their minds" about adoption. Russ and Tree are scheduled to bring little Bella home Thursday, after the 15 day period is up. Please pray the parents will not change their minds.
I do have one sweet story to share about this situation. About 2 months ago, while Georgia and I were saying her prayers, she prayed that God would put a baby in Tree's tummy. I have never mentioned to Georgia that Russ and Tree wanted a baby and had been trying for many years to have a baby. I got chills as she was praying. I didn't say much about it to her afterwards. Wednesday, right before we went to see Russ and Tree, Georgia asked me why they did not have a baby. I explained to her that God has a plan for everything, and He had just not given them a baby yet. Her response was, "Well, I'll just have to keep praying." About 20 minutes later, Russ and Tree gave us the wonderful news that they had only just learned about a few hours prior! We serve a loving and awesome God that does answer prayers!!


Leah said...

That is wonderful!!! I will keep them in my prayers and I hope everything works out ok!!

Christy said...

oh wow, after reading that it gave me chills. It is wonderful and He is awesome. I hope everything goes well for them.