Monday, October 15, 2012

Alabama National Fair

Last Wednesday we made our annual pilgrimage to The Alabama National Fair in Montgomery, and like always we had so much fun!  The kids absolutely LIVE for this time of the year and going to the fair and I am so glad we are able to take them each year.

We were so excited that Banks was able to join in on the fun this year.  I am so glad Tori and Bryan live so close now and we are able to make great memories with these sweet babies!!
Georgie on the bumper cars
I swear these three are the cutest little boys ever!!
Toe Toe rode the giant Ferris Wheel with the kids!
All Aboard!!

Georgia Anne LOVES the swings!!  They were always one of my favorites when I was a kid.
Banks was just a few inches too short to ride the canoes, but the nice lady running the ride let him ride as long as Georgie held him.  She was glad to help out!
Banks was a little unsure about the "Frog Hopper," which went pretty high.  He would laugh a little, then cry a little.  Poor kid!
This was the first year they all were big enough to ride the kiddie roller coaster. 
This was also the first year Georgia Anne was big enough (and we allowed her) to ride the adult rides.  This was her on the "Himalaya,"  which she loved.    I have to brag on Sissy a little....she was the best thing.  She wanted to ride the big rides (which we let her ride some), but she didn't complain once about having to ride the kiddie rides with the boys.  She is a great big sissy to them!
The kids always love all the livestock and farm exhibits.

Michael was all smiles because.....

...thank goodness we didn't have to visit here.
We'll see you again next year, Alabama National Fair!!!


Judy said...

we haven't gone in about 2 years...but the twins (grandchildren) went and had a blast! i think they rode some of the "big" rides this year...can't believe how expensive it's got! $12 to get in and $30 for wrist bands plus all the food....they just bring me a caramel apple though!

Laura said...

Oh, now I wish I had caved and taken my brood. If they just didn't get motion sickness so easily! Oh, well, there's always next year :) Beautiful pictures as usual!

Kristina Pendergrass said...

Cool! I keep trying to get Darryl to go to the Fair, but he had bad fair-related experiences as a child (namely, cleaning up the fairgrounds to make money for boy scouts) and he has refused to go. It looks like, from the photos, that your kids had so much fun--maybe, just maybe I can convince D to go next year.