Sunday, December 18, 2011

Michael's 40th Birthday Bash

Last Monday was Michael's 40th birthday. I tried to plan a surprise party but was having trouble planning something to get him out of the house long enough to get ready, so I just told him about it. He really didn't want a big fuss made over him, but I convinced him it was a big day and he deserved a little something to celebrate. I need to thank my parents and Michael's parents for all their help. I think we pulled off a great party and Michael was so glad he got to spend his birthday with friends and family.

When designing the invitations, I used two of favorite pictures of from when he was about 4 or 5 and a recent picture.

The food was very yummy!! It was catered by Down the Street Cafe in Montgomery.

I made a "photo time-line" for Michael and hung it across the window in the dining room.

Jason, Michael, Todd, Stephen, Trey and Ben

Steve, Cindy and Gary

Graham and Michael
Memaw, Michael and Georgie


Angie, Cindy and Barbie

Shane, Michael and Richie (I think Richie heard, "What happened to you?" the entire night..ha!)

Mandi, Todd and Will

Three of the five Barkalows: Rosie, Laura and Dave

Joey with Miss Virginia Kate

Memaw and Kami with Rosie and Virginia Kate, who enjoyed checking each other out!

Papa, Nana, Memaw and Paw Paw


The kids had a great time playing together!
Zadie, Jack, Georgie, Andy, Warren and Daniel

Michael opening his Popcorn Machine....which he has wanted for a LONG time. I think the kids were just as excited about it as he was!!

We caught Daniel with a chair pulled up to the cookie cake licking the icing off.
Funny part was when Trey came up to lick the icing off Daniel's finger! It's funny because Trey always teases the kids and tells them he eats little kids fingers. Daniel was starting to panic...... It was so funny!

Happy Birthday to the best husband and father ever!
We love you, Michael!!


Judy said...

My son in law turned 40 on Dec. 10th and daughter had a big party for him too. He didn't want one at first but she insisted, I think she's glad he did.

Down the Street Cafe is almost across the street from my office, I love their food.


Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

Everything turned out wonderful! As I looked at the pictures of Michael...doesn't look like he's aged very much!!

Leigh Anne said...

Yes he's quite the dapper looking gent...

Blessed Union of Souls said...

Except for the wrinkles and bags under his eyes.