Monday, September 12, 2011

It has almost been three weeks since I have posted to the blog. I never intend to go that long, it just kind of happens. So, I'll play catch up in this post.

They love to play and climb on our neighbor's tree. It's a great climbing tree...lots of branches and a lot are low to the crowd.

We were excited that cousin Banks got to come and play...

Daniel gave him a crash course on how to play at the train table.

And I must admit, Banks LOVED it! He stood and played for at least 30 minutes.

Daniel is always looking for some love time with Banks. I can see these two being the best of friends in the years to come.

I think I have made a big mistake! I bought the kids Yoohoo drinks for the first time. After only about 30 minutes of being home from the store, I walked into my bedroom and found this....all empty and compliments of Jack Butler.

I've found little Butler babies asleep all over the house the past few weeks.

Daniel's class learned about city helpers last week. He came home wearing this cute Policeman hat he made. He had a badge, but we lost it before we could take the picture.

Georgie was invited to her sweet friend Blair's birthday party. It was a Barbie themed party and was the cutest thing ever! Barbie came to the party, put make-up on all the girls and they had a fashion show. Georgie was all about this!!
Georgie and Blair
Georgie and Barbie after the fashion show. All the girls received a "Fashion Show Award." Georgie was "Little Miss Graceful."
Picking out her jewelry for the fashion show.Barbie putting on Georgie's make-up.

"Butler Automotive Repair Shop" is always open and ready for business.

And last but not least, the little faces and personalities I love.....

their "mean faces"...

and his sweet face!

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His Jules said...

Oh Finally!!! I thought I was going to have to call out the calvary to find you!! Love the new pics, especially the sleeping angels! Thanks so much for sharing with us!