Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bookcase Makeover

Several months ago while shopping at JoAnn's Fabrics, I came across these unfinished wooden storage bins in the clearance section. They were marked 70% off, and I think I ended up paying a little under $30 for both. I bought them thinking Georgie could use them to help organize her books and Barbie accessories. I stacked them in her room and there they sat for months. We recently rearranged her room and when we did, we found the perfect spot for them; at the end of her bunk beds. Last weekend I finally got around to finishing them for her. She was so happy to have them completed!

Just in case your curious as to what I did, I'll fill you in here. First, I screwed and glued the two units together, countersunk the screws, filled with putty and sanded. Then I added moulding to conceal the "seam" between the two units and then added moulding to the top of the bookcase. Next, I painted it an off-white latex flat paint, then waxed it with paste wax. I found the canvas storage bins at Target for about $5 each. And there you have it!!

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His Jules said...

WOW, Your talent always amazes me, now I know what to look for to help Erica with her babies nursery.