Monday, December 7, 2009

Tallassee Christmas Parade

The Tallassee Christmas Parade was this past Saturday...and it was FREEZING COLD!! For about ten years now, Michael has broadcast the parade for the radio station. This year, we continued the tradition with the live broadcast on 1300 WTLS, 106.5 FM and We were excited this year we were also able to broadcast via webcam at!! (By the way, if you missed it and would like to see it, you can still watch it....just click on the "on-demand" tab at Well this year, we stepped it up a notch by having a presence in the parade. With my Dad's persuasion, Mom, Georgia, Jack and I rode in the Mercedes for the radio station. Georgia chose not the ride with Studio B Dance Center this year, so she could ride on our "float" and throw candy. We learned a valuable lesson this more candy...a LOT more candy! We only threw candy to the kids and we ran out about half way through. It was really embarrassing....little kids shouting at you, "we want candy!!" Anyway we had about a five gallon bucket full of candy, and it wasn't near enough!!

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