Monday, December 14, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday morning the Talisi Women's Club hosted a Breakfast with Santa at the Methodist Church. The Butler crew made our way to see Santa and have a pancake breakfast. This was the kids second time to see Santa, so they were a little more at ease with him. Jack didn't scream and cry when he saw him, and he actually stood next to him. Daniel didn't cry either, he just kept turning around looking at him. Of course, Georgia went right up and sat in his lap. We had the best time, and it was Michael's birthday, so it was fun we all got to do something together.

My sweet little Jack

The Butler Crew: Michael, Daniel, Santa, Leigh Anne, MeMaw (Cathy), Georgia Anne, Jack, Paw Paw (Steve), Joey and Kami

Jack, Georgie and Marshall

I call this picture "Georgia Anne Thornhill" .....because Beth and Byron wanted to get a family picture with Santa, and when they went and got next to Santa, Georgia just decided she wanted to be in the picture too. Someone said, "Look, there's a new Thornhill!" We told her to get out of the picture, she proceeded to cry, and sweet Beth told her to come get in the picture with them anyway! Later Georgia told me, "I am their family, Mama."


Beth T. said...

Sweet little Georgia is welcome in our family any time (Jack & Daniel too)! We were happy with no tears in the Santa picture too...even if it meant just standing by Santa and not sitting in his lap :)

Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

Sweet pictures! I laughed so hard because no matter where Daniel was in the picture, he was always staring at Santa! Laughing at Georgia's comments "I am their family, Mama." lol.