Monday, August 3, 2009

Jack's First Day of School

Today was Jack's first day of school at East Tallassee Baptist Church's Mother's Day Out. I have been worried about this day for some time now because Jack is so clingy. I never worried about sending Georgia because she has always been so independent and loved being around new people. Jack isn't as independent and doesn't warm up to new people as easily. He was excited about going and wearing his back pack (which he has two of and had a hard time deciding which one to take). Georgia helped him color his teacher, Ms. Karen, a picture. When we got there he went right in and handed the picture to his teacher, said, "hey" and then walked out and said, "bye." I guess he thought we were just going to take her the picture. When I told him he had to stay and took him back in the room, he began to cry...and it got louder, and louder, and louder. Karen looked at me and said it was best if I just left and assured me he would be fine. That is a hard thing to do...leave your child when they are confused and crying. I stood outside the door for about 5 minutes until he calmed down a little. I did a lot of praying today while he was away that he was alright and having a good time. When I went to pick him up, Ms. Karen told me he was perfect all day long. She said he was so sweet, did as he was asked, took his nap and played well with the other children. What a relief!! I am so proud of my little Jack!


Lori Mercer said...

Precious!! Who is Georgia's teacher this year? My cousin Renee Dickerson is teaching Kindergarten at Tallassee and was just wondering if she might be in her class! :)

Leigh Anne said...

What a small world! Georgia is in her class! We are so excited...we've heard so many wonderful things about her!

andreabrosto said...

How cute! I love how Jack went in, gave her the picture, and then thought he could leave! I had Kindergarteners that didn't understand why they had to stay with me all day long!
I love his little backpack by the way!