Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July

Tori and Bryan invited Georgia Anne and Jack to come for a visit during the Fourth of July weekend. They were there from Thursday through Saturday. The kids had a blast!! This was Jack's first time away from home and he did great. Tori and Bryan took the kids to the pool, rented movies, grilled hot dogs, and went to visit Mamaw. It was a little quiet around the Butler house for a few days. Little Daniel is now a little more spoiled...he didn't know what to do about all the attention he received while they were away. Thanks, Tori and Bryan for a great time!!

Our family friend, Marie, invited us to her beautiful home on Lake Martin Friday. We enjoyed a lazy afternoon and had a wonderful meal with her, Mama, Daddy and Granny.

Then on the fourth, we ventured to the Fireworks at the Russell Lands Amphitheatre at Lake Martin. This was the first time we watched the fireworks from the amphitheatre and boy was is great! They shot the fireworks off right in front of us, and several of the larger ones fell to the ground beside us. Jack was a little scared at first, but then decided he liked them. Even little Daniel enjoyed them. He was awake and watched all thirty minutes of them. Leaving was not so fun. Our normal 25-30 minute ride took over an 1 1/2 hours. It was well worth it though.

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