Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daniel at Four Months

Daniel was four months old on the fourth of July. I know I've said it before, but he is truly the sweetest baby. He is such a good natured, laid back little guy. He rarely cries, sleeps through the night, eats well and is full of smiles these days. He loves watching his brother and sister play, especially Georgia (he finds her "extra" entertaining). He can roll over both ways now. He doesn't much like laying on his back or tummy, he prefers sitting upright. He hates getting in his car seat. He has perfected what I like to call the "bend back." As soon as you put him in the car seat, he uses his feet to push upward and do a bend back, making it extremely hard to buckle him in. He still loves his swing and watching television. He has started sitting in his exersaucer some, but can't hold up for very long. He likes looking at the bright colors and tries to move some of the toys.

We went for his four month check-up with Dr. Wood on Monday. He weighed 14 lbs. 13 oz. (50%) and was 25 1/2" (75%). He had an ear infection a few weeks ago, that was totally cleared up (thank goodness!). He received four shots, two on each leg. My little tough guy didn't even cry. He whimpered a little during one, but that was it. The nurse couldn't believe he didn't cry. She said two of them burned when injected. Maybe it's all the extra meat on his legs...he has a little extra "padding." She suggested we start giving him yellow vegetables. She is hopeful it might help some with his spitting up. We'll on the lookout for first baby food pictures!

My friend, Andrea, has a little boy, Luke, who is a month older than Daniel. We have laughed because of their "little old man hairdos." Both have red hair, hardly any on top, and a thick strip in the back. Andrea had this picture of Luke on her blog, and when I saw it busted out laughing because it looked so much like Daniel. We thought it would be funny to do a side by side comparison of the two.


Lori Mercer said...

PRECIOUS!! WOW! I can't believe it has been 4 months! He was only 3 weeks old when we first talked. Love the curled up toes in his monthly pic!

andreabrosto said...

I love the side-by-side pics of Luke and Daniel's hair! Crazy!! I did find another baby this week that had the same hair, but it was dark brown instead of red. It's just so weird how it does that! Can't wait to see what it ends up looking like--Luke's hasn't changed at all since he was born!