Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer's Here!

This Mommy is so thankful school is out for summer!  No more dragging the kids out of bed in the mornings, packing lunches, and homework.  We have the entire summer to do what we want and enjoy being together! 
I must do a little bragging on my three smart kiddos.
Georgia Anne has completed her time at Tallassee Elementary (tear, tear, tear).  It seems like only yesterday I was leaving her at kindergarten and now she has completed fourth grade and is heading to middle school.  I am still amazed at what a beautiful (while I personally think she is the prettiest thing I have ever laid eyes on, I am actually preferring to what's on the inside) young lady she is.  She has the sweetest spirit and has so much personality!  I wish I were more like her in so many ways.  She sees the good in everything and everyone and is such an optimistic person.  She is almost always happy and smiling.
Georgie and her teacher, Mrs. Cunningham. 

Mrs. Cunningham has been the best thing for her this year.  One of my fears is that someone or something will crush Georgia Anne and her innocent way of looking at life.  Fourth grade was not an easy year for her in many ways, but Mrs. Cunningham was there reassuring her and building her up exactly when she needed it.   I will be forever grateful to her for the love she has shown to our family!
Now just to prove my point, I'm going to tell you what all Mrs. Georgia Anne accomplished this year!  She received Yearly "A" Honor Roll, Yearly AR Reading Award, Mathematics Gold Math Award, Purple Ambassador Award, All-Star P.E. Award, Governor's P.E. Award and was a member of the 50 Mile Club in P.E.

Jack is now a kindergarten graduate and I can hardly stand it!  He had the BEST kindergarten year ever!  Oh, how proud I am of him!!  Sweet, quiet, obedient, thoughtful, smart and artistic all describe him and I am so thankful he is mine!
Mr. Pressley giving Jack his kindergarten diploma.
The best kindergarten teacher!!  Mrs. Looney and Jack

Some people are just made to work with small children and Mrs. Looney is definitely one of those people.  She has the most gentle way.  I laughed all year and said she can put a "spell" on the children because they do everything she asks of them.  It's really amazing!!  She loves them all and made each one feel special.  She gave so much of her personal time and money to make their year a success.  Thank you, Mrs. Looney for everything!
At his graduation, Jack received lots of awards also.  He received the Super Reader Award (for reading over 100 books), AR Award, Kindergarten Student of the Month for May, Superior P.E. Fitness Award, P.E Flexibility Award and Sit-Up Award.

Now to our baby, Daniel.  He completed Pre-K and is heading to kindergarten next year.  He is really ready to be in "big school."  While I am sad not to have a little one at home with me during the day, I have to admit I am excited for him because he is looking forward to kindergarten.  Maybe, just maybe, he will be in Mrs. Looney's class.  I joked and said he was her class mascot this past year since he was there so much with me while I volunteered.
Singing at the Pre-K Awards Program
Daniel received the "Best Imagination" award and I couldn't be more proud of him!  An imagination is a great thing to have and I know it will serve him well in so many things.  What a joy he is!  He keeps us laughing all the time and I am so grateful for that!! 

Thank you for staying with me while I was that obnoxious Mom who brags about her children!

Michael and I decided to have a little fun with the kids on the last day of school.  After we got home, Michael took them on a bike ride to the library.  While they were gone, I was busy filling up water balloons for a surprise water balloon fight.  It was so much fun and they had no idea what hit them when they returned!

 Happy Summer to everyone!


Rustown Mom said...

Gosh, the end of the school year is so GREAT when they are in elementary school! After next Friday I will HAVE one in public school and I couldn't be happier...but I miss those last few days of schools when the kids got to be kids...not finals-taking teens who need more sleeeep.....

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