Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day

We were so excited to have snow here in central Alabama....something that doesn't happen often.  Daniel was a small infant the last time it snowed and Jack doesn't remember it, so the Butler kids were pumped about the possibility.

Late Tuesday afternoon after a long day of sleet and freezing rain the snow finally appeared!
Wednesday morning we woke up to a pretty blanket of snow (and ice) everywhere!  We didn't get a lot but it was enough for everyone to enjoy.
The kids wanted to make a snowman but we ended up with something that looked more like Jabba the Hutt.

The kids have to return to school tomorrow after three days of being home.  I have to say I am sad they are having to go back.  We have had the best time being at home together, drinking hot chocolate, putting puzzles together, playing games, snuggling and watching movies.   



Judy said...

well leigh ann, it's good to see you blogging tonight...I've often wondered how you were doing.

isn't this weather crazy? we sure aren't prepared for it here in the south, as attested by the mess up in Atlanta and Birmingham.

please don't stay away so long again...I've missed your posts!

Brigitta said...

Hello dear Family Butler!
Today I made my first privat blogaccount and was trying and klicking around and so I came to your open blog. Reason enough to send you greetings from Germany with all the best wishes!