Friday, June 28, 2013

Peach Tree

 Last spring when my Granny died, a family friend sent the kids the sweetest note with money for them to use to honor Granny in some way.  Georgia Anne had a great idea to use the money to purchase a tree and plant it in memory of Granny.  I thought it was a wonderful idea.  We took them to the garden center and let them choose the tree they wanted.  They selected a peach tree and let them decide where to plant it. 
I miss Granny so much.  She loved flowers and gardening and it makes me smile when I see the tree and think of her.
The first blooms this spring came on the year anniversary of her death.  I was sad that entire day. Towards the end of the day I was in the kitchen at the sink when I looked out the window and noticed the little tree the kids had selected and planted had a few pretty pink blooms.  Pink was her favorite color.  It was almost as if Granny was showing me it was alright. 
Soon the tree was covered with little green peaches.

And now full of fuzzy ripe peaches that just make he happy.

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