Sunday, April 14, 2013

Go Braves

Yesterday the boys had their very first T-Ball game and it was a blast!  I love, love, love seeing the little ones play.  It is a total hoot!  All day yesterday I kept thinking I will never have another first day of t-ball.   I know, silly, right?  I just want to freeze them the way they are now and be able to remember how cute, sweet and innocent they are.   
The 2013 Braves T-Ball Team (coached by Michael and Ben)
I think this is a possible yearbook picture!  How cute are these boys!?!? 
Abram, Warren, Daniel and Jack
He's ready!  It is funny how different the boys are.  Jack takes it VERY serious.  It is all business for him. 
Daniel on the other hand is very relaxed and is just goes with the flow.  

Jack made a good catch!

I wish I had a video to post of Daniel running the bases.  It is hysterical!  He is so SLOW!  My Dad says he looks like an old woman running!
He was so slow, his friend Warren passed him on the stretch from third to home.  It was classic!
Of course #8 and #9 were two of the four climbing the fence during the game. 

Good game, Braves!  I can't wait until next Saturday morning!

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