Saturday, March 2, 2013

Read Across America

Friday was Read Across America at school.  The kids got to wear their pajamas to school and bring their favorite stuffed animal (or bink bink in DD's case).  The school asked me to take pictures so I was there until lunch.  I had so much fun floating around seeing all the fun things the kids were doing.
Jack and Daniel got to see the Cat in the Hat.
Michael got to come and read too.  He had lots of book choices in the library.
He got to read to Georgia Anne's class and she was so happy he was there (in case you couldn't tell by the way she was draped across him while he was reading).
Nana also got to come read.  First to Daniel and Jack's class.
Then to Georgia Anne's class.
The Pre-K class showing off their cute hats they made.  (Jack and Daniel are on the front row, fourth and fifth from the left).
Daniel and Jack's class got to enjoy a serving of green eggs and ham.  Daniel did not like the green eggs....I'll just leave it at that and not get into the messy details of what happened when he tried them.  :)
Jack's class enjoyed a "pillow fight" story.  Mrs. Creel pretended to be the Mommy at a spend the night party.  She told them a story and then told them, "no pillow fighting when I turn off the lights!"  She would turn off the lights and they would have a pillow fight until she turned the lights back on.  It was so cute!

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Randall Pi Robertson said...

Great to see young children reading. There's too much My Face and Spacebook, not to mention all the texting these days. God Bless America with some of those foxy teachers in pajamas too!