Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Joe the Elf

A couple of days after Thanksgiving the Butler kids got a nice surprise when they woke up: a new elf from Santa.  We read the book and they decided on a name for him, Joe.  We have had so much fun seeing where Joe will be next and what funny things he will be doing.  The first morning after he went back to visit Santa, we found him in the bathroom sink taking a marshmallow bubble bath.  Jack said, "I knew when I saw that elf he was going to be a silly elf." 

I thought I share with you a few things we've found this silly boy doing!


Judy said...

i'll have to show my daughter shannon these ideas...their elf is named Fred and he made his appearance last week. she put him on her bed holding the remote when the twins found him...next morning he was on a candlestick on the mantle. she said she's found some cute ideas on pinterest.

when my kids were little we didn't have an elf...just had to threaten that "santa was watching"!

hope you share your holiday home soon.

HBWW said...

Why all the mischief with these elves? They're supposed to be role models for the kids.

Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

I love watching what kind of trouble Joe gets into each day!!! I love what Jack said about him!

Kristina Pendergrass said...

Oh, this is just the reason why I would love the get one of these elves (not for the kids, but for mysELF: to think of these funny scenarios!)!

When I saw your photos, all I could think of was "Poor Ken" :-) (all the women are falling for men in tights these days...)