Friday, September 7, 2012

Pinterest Projects

I decided when the kids got back in school I was going to try and actually MAKE some of the many things I have pinned from Pinterest.  Amazing, I know!  Anyway, I got a few things done this week and thought I'd share with you.

Headband holder for Georgia Anne
See the original pin here.

Sweet Home Alabama sign
See the original pin here.

Hometown Sign 
See the original pin here.

Thankful Canvas
See the original pin here.


Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

Look at you hot stuff - do it up. I wish I could make some of my pins! haha.

awal.ny said...

Isn't Pinterest great. So many ideas sometimes it is hard to figure which one to do first.

Liz said...

LOVE the sweet home Alabama sign and the thankful sign!!


Hey I really want to make a sweet home sign. Would you mind sending me some suggestions?? Did you paint the whole thing white first then use an outline and do yellow?? What kind of wood did you use?? I would really appreciate any tips. Thanks! My email is