Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

Today was THE big day.  The first day of school.  It was an exciting day for the kids, and me too!  All three kiddos are attending the same school this year....can you hear me rejoicing??  Because I am!   

 I tried to get before school pictures...but all they wanted to do was act silly!  Yes, we were eating waffles and pecan spins on our way out the door.  Imagine that?!?!

Showing off their new backpacks

Georgia Anne is going to be in the third grade this year!  I can not even believe that she is old enough to be in the third grade!!  I want to freeze time so she won't grow up anymore.  :(

Georgie with her teacher, Mrs. Mote

I snuck a picture of her in her classroom this morning after I dropped the boys off.  When she saw me after I took this picture she gave me the "Mom, what are you doing" look.   

I packed their lunch boxes with all their favorite things.  I found these cute free printables here for the "smart cookie" tags.

Daniel and Jack are both in the Pre-K class at Tallassee Elementary.  Jack will be going Monday through Thursday full days and Daniel Monday and Wednesday mornings.  Daniel is so excited to be going to "big school" with his brother and sister!

Georgie, Mrs. Dickerson, Daniel, Mrs. Creel and Jack
We had a BIG surprise when we arrived this morning.  Dr. Tommy Bice, Alabama Superintendent of Education volunteered to help all day in the Pre-K class.  I think that is great that he was here.  Most people didn't know who he was because he introduced himself as "Mr. Tommy."  I said many prayers this morning that Daniel would behave!  Thank goodness, he did!

Jack was so happy to be back in school and see his friends.

Yesterday at church we had a "Blessing of the Backpacks" service.  What a wonderful way to start the school year off!  Praying for our children as well as the teachers and administrators who guide them.

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Booga Jolley said...

Git you a good educaytion, cuz I didn't. I dropped out in 8th grade - was the only one old enuff to vote in that grade. I got me a good job makin' $9 an hour. Now, I work and don't enjoy life like I shood. If I'd just staid in skool, I'd be sumbody. As the ol' Tracy Laurense song goes... work, work, work. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Amen to that brutha.