Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break Fun (Part One): Stone Mountain, Georgia

We planned a little weekend getaway for the kids for Spring Break. We tried to think of somewhere fairly close by that was kid friendly and reasonably priced. We came up with Stone Mountain, Georgia and it was a great decision. We had the best time and I recommend it to anyone looking for something like we were.

The first day we visited the Confederate memorial carving and skyride. It was interesting to learn about the carving. It is the largest relief sculpture in the world and depicts Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The surface carving covers about 3 acres. It was started in 1915 and wasn't completed until 1972. It was impressive!!
The kids were super excited about getting to ride the skyride and going on top of the mountain. We got our best attempt at a family shot before riding.

We rode in the red skylift, which made Jack mad because he wanted to ride in the blue one because he said it went faster! Hee!!

On our way up the mountain!!

Finally a top the mountain and it was beautiful! It was an overcast day and very windy. If you look closely you can see the downtown Atlanta skyline in the background to the left of the kids.

The park was absolutely beautiful! The azaleas, dogwoods and cherry trees were blooming everywhere and the weather was PERFECT! We picked a great weekend to visit!

Georgia Anne was glad to find the "Georgia" marker on the lawn below the mountain.

I had to snap a picture of Jack with this quote by Stonewall Jackson. Jack's full name is Jackson Thomas. Stonewall Jackson's name is actually Thomas Jackson. My dad always teases and says we named Jack after Stonewall Jackson!

I have a lot more pictures to share with you! Hopefully I can get them uploaded in the next day or so!!


Laura said...

Beautiful Pictures! So glad y'all had a good time.

Tori and Bryan said...

Looks like the Butlers had a big time! Great pics!

Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

Love the pics!