Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Heroes: Butler Style

We are ready for Halloween at the Butler house! I think this might be the one and only year I was able to convince these kiddos to coordinate. It started with Jack's new found obsession with Batman. Daniel quickly jumped on board as Robin. All it took was Georgie seeing the Wonder Woman costume and she was in. Then my sis, Tori, completed the ensemble with the Superman costume for P.J. I love it!!

Loving my little blond headed Wonder Woman!

Jack would NOT smile....he said Batman was tough and didn't smile.

The cutest little Boy Wonder I've ever seen!

I think Big 'Un makes a great Superman. I think the only way you could get this boy to save anyone was if they were wrapped in bologna!

Happy Halloween (a little early)!!


Mr. Butler said...

They're my superheroes.

Sarah Broadus said...

so cute!

His Jules said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! These kids are my favorite superheroes!

The Dickersons said...

These are by far the cutest outfits I've seen EVER! Love it...and Wonder Girl is adorable :)

To The Moon and Back said...

So cute! Love PJ's costume. We also have a Pug, we absolutely adore him:)