Monday, August 15, 2011

Kami's Baby Shower

Saturday morning a great group of Kami's friends and family showered her with a "feather the nest" baby shower at my house. It was such a fun way to celebrate the upcoming birth of Baby Girl Scarborough. Now all we need is that sweet little girl to make her appearance!!

I painted a canvas banner that we used to welcome guests to the shower. Kami can also use it to hang on the hospital door when Virginia Kate arrives. We also got a pink bow that she can use on their mailbox to let their neighbors know when she arrives.

Melissa H. made this sweet and girly pink feather wreath that Kami can put on her front door.
Super cute bird nest corsage from Etsy.

I love the way the table came together! Mrs. Rit made the beautiful flower arrangements and the girls did a wonderful job on the yummy food!

Melissa J. made this adorable watermelon baby carriage. She did a great job and it was definitely a big hit!

A delicious baby bird nest cake that Mrs. Alunda contributed.

Beverly had these sweet baby bird sugar cookies made.
Kami opening all of her wonderful gifts!


Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

Everything was perfect! Thanks again for putting it all together, you girls did a great job!!!

Anonymous said...

i sent her a cumberbun. did she get it

Drew Watts said...

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