Saturday, May 14, 2011

First Grade Field Trip

Tuesday the first grade class at Tallassee Elementary headed to Montgomery to the zoo for their end of year field trip. The field trip had been rescheduled three times, the last time we were suppose to go the day the terrible storms and tornadoes hit Alabama. The day we went it was SO VERY HOT!! I think it was a record breaking high for the state of Alabama. Despite the heat, we had so much fun!

Mrs. Dickerson, Georgie and Emily

Emily, Tallayeh, Elizabeth, Zadie (front), Georgie, Andy, Jake and Aidan

Georgie with her special and sweet friend, Noah. They love each other!

Sweet girls: Georgie, Emily, Tallayeh, Kirsten, Kiley and Kyndal

Georgie and precious Cole

Tallayeh, Emily, Georgie, Caleb and Joseph

I think they would just be a mere snack for this big boy!!

Sweet friends!!!

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