Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Banks

We have been so glad to spend some time with this little guy the past few weeks! Banks is the sweetest little boy and we love him so much! I was interested to see how my three would react to Banks once he arrived. Tori has doted on my three for so long, I was a little concerned they might be a tad jealous. I have been so surprised. Georgia has been the best little him his bottles, helping get things for him, and basically entertaining him. To say Daniel loves him doesn't do it justice. When Banks is around, Daniel is hovering over him, with his little arms extended wanting to hold him. I can tell they will be fast friends! And Jack. Well, Jack likes Banks, but is still a little reserved with him. He likes to look at him, but doesn't really want to hold or touch him. Jack is mainly concerned with showing him trucks, motorcycles, cars, and trains. We are so excited to see how he grows and see his little personality develop.

And I had to include this last shot. We laugh and say Banks always looks worried or stressed out. I just think this picture is so funny!!!
Worried?? Who me??

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