Friday, December 31, 2010

School Christmas Parties

Georgia Anne's Party

Georgie with sweet Mrs. Dickerson

Georgie and her friend Emily, who helped her hand out her gifts for everyone.
Georgie's party favors for her class

Georgie's Christmas gift for Mrs. Dickerson, a pen and ink drawing I made.

Mrs. Dickerson's first grade class

and SILLY FACE picture!

Daniel's Christmas Party

Bronner, Marlee, Daniel, and Warren
**Side note: Thanks to Mrs. Keisha for sharing her picture! Also, Daniel did have on a cute Christmas outfit, but had an accident so he had to wear his change of clothes. I laughed because the other three have on cute Christmas outfits, and Daniel is sporting his Wal-Mart jogging pants and shirt! HA!

Daniel's Christmas gifts for his classmates

Jack's Christmas Party

Enjoying their party food!

Mrs. Kayla's Three Year Old Class
Front: Bella, Kinsley, Auburn, Becca, Laken
Back: Conner, Kaden, Jack, Sawyer, Bryson, Hudson
Jack had party favors for his friends too....his silly Mommy just forgot to take a picture of them!

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Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

Cute pictures. I know that parents and teachers are always glad when there is a Butler in their class - cutest party favors and gifts!