Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daniel goes to School

Sweet, little DD started school this week. He looks like such a big boy with his backpack (it was sad saying bye-bye to the diaper bag). I have laughed because since school started back, I couldn't take Daniel in with me when I dropped Jack off in the mornings. Why, you wonder? Daniel pulled his first real temper tantrum the first week of school because he did not want to leave with me when I dropped Jack off. He would lay in the floor, cry and kick his feet because he knew he was missing out on all the fun. Funny, that I had one who cried because he didn't want to stay (Jack), and one who cried because he wanted to stay. Ironic, huh?

Daniel's first week went really well. We are still trying to work out not having a morning nap, but we'll get the hang of it in a few weeks (hopefully). Also, Jack didn't cry any of the mornings since Daniel started. I laugh and say he isn't jealous now because he knows Daniel is at school and not going home with me. To say I have enjoyed my few hours of "freedom" is putting it mildly! I love these boys, but I was in serious need of some quiet time!!

Ready for their first day of school together (I think Jack was more excited than Daniel)

See what I mean??

Daniel and his teacher, Mrs. Keisha

Daniel, Marlee and Bronner


His Jules said...

Sooo precious!! I could just squeeze ém both forever!!

Joey & Kami Scarborough said...

So sweet!