Monday, August 9, 2010

First Grade

Today was a day filled with excitement and much anticipation...the first day of first grade! Georgie was ready to get back to school after a fun-filled summer. It is always a little sad to say good-bye to summer, but also exciting to start back to school. Oh, the fun in getting new school supplies, a new backpack and lunchbox, and who can forget new school clothes?

We are so excited about this school year because Georgie's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Dickerson got moved to first grade and Georgie was SO LUCKY as to get her again! I thought she was going to explode when we told her Mrs. Dickerson would be her teacher again. And to top it off, she has several of her friends in her class.

Showing off her new backpack (which I think we could fit her inside of)

Kirsten, Mrs. Dickerson and Georgie

Sweet Caleb with Georgie. It was the cutest thing when we got to class, Caleb started bouncing in his seat when he saw us. He hugged Georgie and told her, "I love you. I have missed you so much!" The sweetest thing EVER!

Georgie, Kirsten and Caleb have been together since Georgia started Mother's Day Out when she was 19 months old. These three have literally grown up together and I am so excited they are still together!!

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CrazdDreamer said...

This is so precious! My five year old is starting kindergarden this year and I'm more nervous than he is. Your children are adorable and you can see how amazingly happy they are by their beaming smiles.