Thursday, March 18, 2010

Georgie goes to Zumba!!

Since Georgia Anne was out of school this week, it was the perfect opportunity for her to go to Zumba class with me. Luckily Candace, our Zumba instructor, didn't mind her coming. She hung in there the entire hour Tuesday, but today she stopped about half way through and said she was tired. She was the cutest thing, doing her dance moves with us! I only planned on bringing her Tuesday, but she begged me to come today as well. Thanks, Candace for letting her join our class this week! It was a blast!

Candace and Georgie

You can check out Candace's Zumba website here.


April Kay said...

So cute! I'm so jealous that y'all get to wear cute little sarong thangs! :) I do Zumba but we don't get to wear those! I loved me some Zumb! Great workout.

His Jules said...

Just commented to say:: WE NEED a new post and pictures! CAN you Say EASTER??? Come on Leigh Anne I have been waiting to see those cute kids in their Easter finest!!!