Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's Day Out Graduation

East Tallassee Baptist Church Mother's Day Out held their graduation program last Sunday afternoon. I was so proud of the children and wanted to share. They led the congregation in the Pledge of Allegiance, Pledge of the Christian Flag and Pledge of the Bible. Then each child shared different facts about the Bible. I must say the next thing would have moved anyone...all of the children recited 26 Bible verses from memory. Mrs Robin had a Bible verse every week of school that correlated with the letter of the alphabet they were studying for that week. It was precious (and impressive) to see this!! Then they sang three songs, B-I-B-L-E, Books of the Bible, and Be Careful Little Eyes. I love the Books of the Bible song. How many 5 year olds do you know that can say all of the books of the Old Testament?? Then the graduating class led the closing prayer where each child said their own prayer. It was amazing to see what Mrs. Robin has done with the little ones. She has started a strong Christian foundation that is the beginning of their spiritual growth. What a wonderful ministry and teacher!!

Georgia with her "diploma"

Georgia Anne leading the Pledge of Allegiance

Alex leading the Pledge of the Bible

Reciting facts about the Bible

Singing Be Careful Little Eyes

Kirsten and Georgia with their graduation gifts

The kids and Mrs. Robin with the canvas I painted for her

(The centers of each flower are the children's thumbprint)

Alex, Georgia Anne, Kirsten and Chloe

Kirsten and Georgia Anne

Cole, Georgia Anne and Caleb

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