Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So, I was tagged by Kami to answer these questions about Michael....

  1. What is his name? Michael Steven Butler
  2. Who eats more? We eat about the same.
  3. Who said "I Love You" first? He did.
  4. Who is taller? He is.
  5. Who is more sensitive? Me, by far!!
  6. Who does the laundry? Who do you think...ME!
  7. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does.
  8. Who pays the bills? He does.
  9. Who cooks more? I cook more, but he actually does cook some and it pretty good at it.
  10. Who is more stubborn? HE IS!!
  11. Who is the first to admit they were wrong? Me.
  12. Who has more siblings? He does.
  13. Who wears the pants in the relationship? He does.
  14. What do you like to do together? We used to play board games all the time, as well as go to the movies and travel....that was before kids. Now we can't seem to find time to do those things anymore.
  15. Who eats more sweets? Me.
  16. Guilty pleasures? Eating out too much, when we need to eat in.
  17. How did you meet? In high school, on the Science Club trip to Six Flags. We sat next to each other on the bus....he flirted with me the entire time.
  18. Who asked whom out first? He did.
  19. Who kissed who first? I hate to admit it, but me.
  20. Who proposed? He did.
  21. His best features and qualities? He is the BEST dad ever. He is also very quick-witted and smart and he usually has a lot of patience, especially with me. He also works very hard to provide for our family so I can stay home with the kiddos!
  22. TAG...You're it! Who do you tag? I will tag Robin and Leah.

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